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What is the 21 Day Cleanse? 

It is a structured 21-day nutrition program using elimination protocols – the cleanse is based on cutting edge nutrition strategies designed to cleanse the whole body of unwanted toxins, melt unwanted body fat, and sculpt your body in a fun, interactive, team environment. 

This program fills the gap in the health and fitness industry by providing peer support and interaction.


Members will be working alongside each other, all striving to achieve the same goal, pushing and supporting each other, working hard and most importantly, having fun!

This Program has been born out of years of personal research,and working with my clients to understand what practically works for the body and delivers results.

As part of the program there is also a large educational component. I believe that if you understand something you have a much greater chance of putting it into practice.



Comments, reviews and testimonials from some 21 day cleansers

“I am on my second 21 day challenge. It is surprising how you adapt and push yourself for online Zoom classes with Sol and the rest of the 7am crew.Thanks to Sol for great motivation and accountability. The diet side is easy too follow and it’s the first time I’ve managed to follow the diet side with exercise.”

Body Fat: -5.6kg
Plank time (Min): Start 0.58 – Finished 3.46

C. Chatfield

“I loved the 21 day challenge and still smash the classes and burn calories in my lounge! I love the accountability with the food – the change of energy through eating clean, the laughs, the break throughs and the results were amazing. My anxiety was bad beginning of lockdown but through personal coaching with Sol and the 21 day challenge team I was on the journey with – I felt better then ever mentally and physically!”

Body Fat: -1.7kg
Plank time (Min): Start 1.10 – Finished 3.30

L. Gold

“Not only have my fitness levels improved and I have lost weight/toned up, it has also improved my mental health too. I feel so much more energized day to day!”

Body Fat -3.8kg
Muscle Mass +2kg
Plank time (Min): Start 1.03 – Finished 5.03

K. Bonner

“The challenge was a serious wake up call to my lack of fitness and the kickstart that I needed. I couldn’t believe the difference the diet made to my mood and my ability to workout. I’d highly recommend it and still really enjoy the daily classes.”

Body Fat: -4kg
Metabolic age: -5 years
Plank time (Min): Start 2.06 – Finished 5.21

C. O’Leary

“I felt so much more energetic whilst doing the 21DC, I was worried about the diet but it actually wasn’t that bad with the help and support of Sol and all the other people in the group. 2 months on from completing the challenge I am another 2kg down in weight and still exercise everyday with my SGUT virtual family. I love it and recommend it to anyone!”

Body Fat: -2.9kg
Metabolic age: -4 years
Plank time (Min): Start 1.36 – Finished 4.21

N. Merriott

“I have worked with Sol for the past 5 years, Throughout my journey with SGUT Sol has always kept me accountable even whilst I have been away filming, whether it’s through tracking my workouts and Nutrition through his App or just jumping on a call with me and discussing the next step of the process. Post Strictly Come Dancing I had just secured a contract with Gymshark as a Gymshark Athlete and I thought this is the perfect time to jump in on his 21 day Cleanse. The Cleanse was so easy to follow and Sol was so supportive throughout I recommend this to anyone.”

Body Fat: -3.5kg
Muscle Mass +2kg
Plank time (Min): Start 1.20 – Finished 4.05

Saffron Barker - Influencer / Video Creator



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